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Collect Donations

Our websites include a fully integrate donation platform. Stop sending donors to third-party websites!

Content Mangement

Real content management - not confusing website builders. Your volunteers can manage your website with ease using the QOLOS platform.

Monthly Donations

Is it better to collect an one-time donation of $50 or $10 per month? $10 per month is easier for the donor to swallow and nets you more in the long run.

Picture this: Your Donation Website on Steroids!

This is a non-profit business in a box. We provide everything you need to run your non-profit website - from soup to nuts!

QOLOS isn't just a website platform, it's a business ERP solution designed to run your non-profit for years to come!

  • Volunteer Applications
  • Customer Applications(If Applicable)
  • Donor Signup Online
  • Monthly/Annual Donations
  • One-Time Donations
  • Donation Tax Reports
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What is it?

The Admin Panel is your master control panel to manage all your customer data. While customers can update their own data, there are still moments where you may have to update information for a customer.

The Admin Panel is also your resource for reports and managing invoices, subscriptions and company settings.




Custom/Filtered reports to gauge revenure performance.


Create invoices for your products and services and send them to your clients. Remember, they can pay online!!! No more paper invoices.

Recurring Donations

Add value by offering monthoy/annual donations. Recurring Donations not only increase retention rates, but create a predictable revenue stream for your non-profit.

Donor Management

Donors need managing right? Edit addresses, payment information, or anything else related to the donor through the admin portal.


There are numerous settings that allow your business to offer a unique experience for your donors.

Volunteer Managementt

Allow volunteers to sign up online!

Merchant Processor Setup

Currently, QOLOS only runs on the Stripe processing platform. You will need to signup for or use your existing Stripe account.

Custom Emails

- COMING SOON - Control the messages that get sent to your donors. You can also change the frequency of how often to failed payment reminders to your donors.


What is it?

The Customer Panel is integrated into your website so your cusotmers can access their own account information securely & online.

By logging into your secure website, your customers can edit their profile, company information, make payments, cancel/adjust subscriptions, update payment information, and more...




You worked hard to build your brand. The customer portal is integrated fully into your website your donors can trust that they arrived at the right place to do business with you.

Custom Domain/URL

Many times, if a website domain doesn't match your company domain, donors brush off the request for payment as a scam. An integrated website with your domain increases donor trust that their data is secure.

Donor Tax Reports

Donors can login and get the tax reports needed for your accountant at the end of the year.

Donor Information

Your donors can edit addresses, passwords, and other profile information on their own.

Payment Methods

Collecting credit card data is insecure and clumsy over the phone/email. QOLOS makes this easy with the donor login area.


Your donors can view and edit subscriptions from the website. If their financial situation has changed, we make it easy for them to update their monthly donation.


What is it?

The subscription business model is here to stay. Of course it's one of the predominant business models for modern software, but you'd be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn't seen at least one subscription success story in the past few years.

That's what makes this strategy so appealing. Done right, it's a powerful tool for growth.



Automatic Payments

Collecting credit card data is insecure and clumsy when customers can't access their own data. QOLOS makes this easy with the customer portal.

Automatic Billing

Some customers will require to be invoiced automatically, rather than keeping a credit card on file. You can accomodate those clients.

Automatic Reminders

Send reminders for payment at a pace that you predefine. Want to annoy your customers every day? We can do that. The default is to send a reminder on day 3, 7 and 15 after a failed payment.

Custom Intervals

Typically, subscriptions are monthly. You do have the ability to bill daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.


Any products and/or services, or group there-of, can be manufactured into a subscription.

What is it?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

The QOLOS API allows developers to access your QOLOS data for use in other software environments, such as a mobile app or website.