29 Jan

According to a survey by Animoto, video helps persuade 73% of people to buy a product or service and 93% of respondents find video helpful with comparison shopping.

A recent article by Natalie Beigel from Prestashop highlighted the use and best practices of using video for ecommerce. Here is a snapshot:

26 Jan

All great marketers know – if your content isn’t performing well, you will need to dive into your analytics to see what’s really going on. The only way to optimize your content is to analyze your data, pinpoint areas of improvements, make the necessary changes and test – and it’s no different with video content.

While it might sound daunting to make changes to a complete video, it doesn’t have to be. There’s a formula to it really: divide your video into three distinct parts—Acts 1, 2 and 3—then analyze your drop-off rates for each section. When you think of your video as three separate pieces of content, it makes it much easier to analyze each section for variables and look for areas of improvement.

22 Jan

The thought of being in front of a camera can be terrifying for some. Will I look ok? Will I sound intelligent? Will viewers like me? Will the camera really add 10 pounds?

If this is you, don’t worry – with a little prep you can look like a video star! Here are our top five tips for looking and sounding amazing on camera.

16 Jan

It’s no secret that video and email make a killer marketing combination. Email’s ability to reach targeted audience at a low cost combined with video’s high engagement rates, create an ideal marketing dynamic. Studies even show that emails containing video receive an average of 5.6% higher open rates and 96% higher CTRs than emails without video.

Despite its effectiveness, technical barriers, like delivery and embedding issues have prevented its widespread use. The advent of HTML5 went a long way towards resolving that problem, but it didn’t completely solve it either.

09 Jan

Dark posts are created using the somewhat clunky, very obtuse, Power Editor. I won’t go into a tutorial on obtaining and using the Power Editor as there are some fine ones here. If you have no idea what the Power Editor is you should read one of these tutorials before going much further.

If you are a Power Editor user you simply need to play around with a few more features.

The key to creating dark posts in the Power Editor lies in the editor’s ability to create posts. Until the dark post concept came along there really wasn’t much reason to use this feature as you could simply create posts as status updates.

01 Dec

When it comes to online marketing, the secret to a successful campaign is to integrate your message into the daily usage habits of your users. It makes sense then that one of the most effect methods of marketing right now has to do with the two things that seemingly everybody does online at least once a day: social media and watching videos.

12 Nov

Videos Encourage Viewers to Take Action

A new study has found that videos are more effective than text at prompting the public to take recommended health-related actions.

The study looked at the effects of video on public health websites. More specifically, it examined videos on websites that attempted to teach mothers of young daughters about potential breast cancer risks

20 Oct

Here are three simple rules for creating great content for your website:

1. DO NOT write content for the sake of Google or the Search Engines.

In other words, do not take the keyword you want to rank for and place it 50 times on your home page in places that would not be natural  Remember, links get you ranked; including the keyword a few times (or 50 times) will not.  

The content on your site should be written for the end-user actually reading the copy.  Google wants to rank websites that provide the best experience for the end-user.  Your website copy should be focused on converting the website visitor, and providing value.

29 Sep

What on this green earth does that mean?  I am wondering if you are casting your line into the section of water where the fish have a higher chance of biting.  In business words I am wondering if you are marketing where your target market is.


Earlier today we had a conference call about a particular brand.  We were discussing demographic and psychographic information about this brand and my mind started to race all over the place about which social media networks would play best.  You see, just putting your brand on a social media network does not mean that the likes, follows, +1 and re-posts are going to happen.  Contrary to popular belief there is a method to gaining traction using social media marketing.


Social media marketing is not a game and a set it and forget type of business.  It has to be understood and researched then after placement it needs to be analyzed and adjusted.  Unlike TV or Radio advertising where campaigns run and then at the end rating points are made up social media marketing takes place in real time.  If we post a picture for a client and we see the likes, follows and shares take off then we know we have hit a nerve and we want to duplicate that but not in the next campaign but more than likely the next day.  We want to build on the momentum that we have just created.


12 Sep

Do you love HootSuite’s bulk uploader as much as I do? Do you find it a painstaking process to enter in all the dates and times into the CSV file before uploading? That’s why we created the CSV builder. It saves the time to create the schedule. Plus it’s free and easy to use. 

The key to a good schedule is not to post at the same time every day, otherwise it looks like you are automating your posts.  Plus, you'll want to hit different audiences at different times of the day.  This app will randomly create a schedule for you to post at different times of the day, based onthe parameters you decide.


12 Sep

I’ve been doing this a long time. From producing websites since 1998, to using social media in 2006, we’ve been along for the ride.   It’s my job to basically convince people that investing in internet strategies is best for their business. This comes, more often than you’d think, with some interesting excuses of why they aren’t interested or why they need to cancel services with us.   Here’s my top 7 in regards to social media.

01 Sep

Businesses need to start incorporating video content into their press releases, according to a study conducted this past year.

Content marketing agency SEO-PR, along with Get City Dealz and Business Wire, endeavored to find out if multimedia in press releases generated better results than releases that were solely text-based.

28 Aug

After setting up your YouTube Channel page, it will look pretty barren when you first access it. It will display your profile photo, name and a few details, like your latest activity, date joined, age and country.

Near the top-left corner of the screen is the “Channel Settings” button. Click on this to begin customizing your YouTube Channel. Here, you can fully customize the visual appearance of your channel’s page. By default, the “Appearance” tab (near the top-left corner of the screen) has been selected. Click on the “Accept” button to confirm your selection after you’re done making your customizations. Read full article.

18 Aug

New data from Adobe on how videos are shared on Twitter and Facebook highlights the importance of incorporating social sharing into your client’s video marketing and online strategy.

08 Aug

Brands create a variety of different videos to promote their products and services, from Vines to Instragram videos to YouTube clips, yet most of these can be categorized as one of two video types – branded or direct response.

Most marketers will find themselves at one point or another asking whether branded or direct response videos are better for their business. Understanding which type is better suited is crucial for any business, especially when it comes to investing money.

Both types offer considerable benefits, so let’s look at which one would be best for your company.

27 Jun

Google+.  LinkedIn.  Google+. LinkedIn.  I have been jumping from one to the other for the past few weeks and I think I finally have an answer as to which is better and that answer is BOTH.  I don't think one is better than the other I just think they are different.  I think that both networks can satisfy different part of your marketing and can work in conjunction with each other.  Now if the question is which will you find yourself spending more time on I will say Google Plus.

Why would Google+ have me spending more time there?  I think it boils down to interaction.  There seems to be more people willing to engage on Google+ communities than on the Group pages of LinkedIn.  For the past few years I have gotten emails from LinkedIn with new discussions and old discussion points.  I also get emails from LinkedIn when people respond to a topic that I have posted on.  The comments are added but they never really seem to be engaging.  I very rarely see a response that says:  Jason - I agree with your point about how leveraging Google Plus is important to my business, espcially here in Dallas.  Now with Google+ I see this constantly.  There seems to be more engagement on that side of hte social media spectrum which led me to this question:

Are People More Engaging On Google+ Because Of The +1?

01 Jun

Today I’m writing in response to Tina Dettman-Bielefeldt’s column in the Green Bay Press Gazette: Innovation series to feature sales. Here Ryan Kauth, director of the Small Business Development Center SBDC, "believes that sales are the lifeblood of any business, and effective sales are more than having a conversation on Facebook".

I respectfully disagree. Why? Because Facebook is a communication tool. This is where your audience is listening. Where else can you connect with your audience on such a large scale?

07 May

While uploading videos to YouTube may be easy, adding content to a channel doesn’t guarantee it will get viewed – there are far more factors at play.

Pixability’s new report, “Top 100 Global Brands: Key Lessons for Success on YouTube”, looks at the ways in which the world’s most successful brands use YouTube to their advantage. The report notes seven habits that are consistently employed by the top brands:

29 Apr

Let’s not beat around the bush here. If you have a tech-related client and they don’t have a video describing their product or service, then your client is losing out on new customers or users. Flat-out, bottom line.

Part of my job here at SoMedia—okay, it’s kind of a hobby too—is to find new and better tools to do my job and help the entire Marketing team work better together. Whether it’s a new app for me to write these posts, project management tools, editorial calendars, news readers, or any other piece of software, a lot of the time I’m the guy who finds them and tries them first. I’m also the guy who figures out how to use the apps and fix them when they are broken. Want to know the number one way I like to evaluate and learn about a new app? Video. By the way, I’m not alone either. Via web metrics company Fathom and IDG comes some powerful data on why people watch tech related videos:

25 Apr

How are Best-in-Class Companies Using Video Marketing?

A new report from the Aberdeen Group looks at the adoption of video by three types of companies: best-in-class companies (the top 20% of performers), industry average companies (the middle 50%) and the laggards (the bottom 30%). The findings in the report reveal distinct differences in the way each of the groups use video.

16 Apr

With 2 billion videos being streamed on YouTube every year, it’s no surprise that YouTube is the number one site used by marketers to distribute their video content online.

Over 9 in 10 respondents to the 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Trends Report said they upload their videos to YouTube, followed by Vimeo (51%) and DailyMotion (11%). Only a small percentage of marketers used Blip.tv, Viddler or Veoh.

03 Apr

Once, in the not-so-distant past, 3D printing sounded like a sci-fi fantasy. But now, it’s undeniably a reality. And since the futuristic technology has taken off, we’ve seen some amazing innovations, from replacement bones to replicas of famous statues.

15 Mar

I absolutely love March Madness. Though I don’t watch much basketball the rest of the year, the excitement of the tournament just draws you in. Plus I fill out a bracket or 2 so now I have some skin the game.

We already know the madness will not be limited to the basketball court. That is because, according to new research, 38 percent of workers will yield to March Madness and watch the college basketball games at work, either by streaming them on their computer or on a television in the break room at the office.

28 Feb

By far the most frequent comment designers hear from clients is to make their logo bigger. Throughout the industry, we hear this with nearly every single project. In fact, it is actually a common joke within the creative industry, as this video demonstrates.

20 Feb

While uploading videos to YouTube may be easy, adding content to a channel doesn’t guarantee it will get viewed – there are far more factors at play.

Pixability’s new report, “Top 100 Global Brands: Key Lessons for Success on YouTube”, looks at the ways in which the world’s most successful brands use YouTube to their advantage. The report notes seven habits that are consistently employed by the top brands:

04 Feb

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and a large part of the World tuned in to watch the game, and then another large portion of the world’s population tuned in to watch the commercials.  There are business owners out there that were thinking to themselves:  I want to have a commercial air in the Super Bowl day.


There is nothing wrong with that thinking as that shows a determination to grow their business, but you no longer have to wait to make an impact as big as a Super Bowl ad.  In today’s constantly moving world of social media companies have the opportunity to make a name for themselves RIGHT NOW and the cost barrier to entry is very low.  Please not that this is not free, even if you do it yourself, because after all time is money.


Companies want to make the biggest splash with the least amount of money (or effort) so that they can attain that vaunted ROI.  Social media allows you to do that but only if you are efficient and know who you want to target.  Posting pictures that are irrelevant or or blog posts that are hap-hazard is a quick way to lose followers of your brand.


21 Jan

Netgear has teamed up with Facebook to let small businesses offer their customers free WiFi access in exchange for checking in to a business Facebook Page.

15 Jan

I think Twitter is an underutilized tool for business. After all, it’s a fast pace news feed and can be overwhelming at times. If you can harness it, the world is yours.

Here are 3 ways to leverage Twitter for your business…

09 Jan

I was on LinkedIn not too long ago when the question that came up referred to the need for offline marketing.  I was taken a little bit aback by this question because I don’t believe that there is an end all be all to marketing.


For one business television may work the best and for another it may be print.  For a third it may just be social media marketing that does the best job. The question I had was are these companies that are asking this question working in a vacuum?  Can you truly say that there is no need for offline marketing if you haven’t tried it or if you are doing both simultaneously.  It would come down to testing one medium versus the other before being able to make a decision like that.


29 Dec


Vine is the ‘newest’ social media platform and maybe you haven’t heard of it.  Don’t feel bad as it is just getting its legs under itself as it grows into a way that people and now businesses are leveraging.  If you don’t know Vine allow me to give you some bullet points about what it is:




  • A video sharing social media network that incorporates 6 second looping video as opposed to full-length video
  • The Vine app is available for free at the Apple App Store (iOS).
  • It is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch,as well as the iPad.  Required iOS 5.0 or later
  • To operate Vine, point your device and record by holding your finger down on the screen.  If you lift your finger then the recording stops and can be re-started again by pressing the screen.  This gives you the opportunity to move the items that you are recording and link multiple clips together.
  • Vine recordings can be shared with Twitter and Facebook and potentially more social media platforms in the future.




The Good About Vine


22 Dec

There are social barriers all around us. Race, gender, religion and many other factors separate us through our differences. In a very general sense, people are wired the same. I believe that barriers are caused by a lack of understanding and compassion.

If you are reading this, I don’t have to preach to you how social media has changed how we communicate today. This is the biggest culture shift mankind has probably ever seen – besides maybe the invention of the internet to begin with. I realized the other day that I don’t know that many of my neighbors. Why? Maybe it’s because haven’t friended me on Facebook.

17 Dec

Yesterday while I was driving with me wife we made a turn down a local street and there was a house with family and friends out in front.  The group of people all had their head down and were moving their thumbs with lightning speed.  What I did not notice were mouths moving or eye contact being made.  My wife made a comment along the lines of  ‘I remember when they would be out there talking but now with social media’ and I interjected with ‘you mean anti-social media’ and with that my thought process got moving.


Social media’s intention was to bring us closer together and while it has done that with those people you moved away from in the 5th grade and haven’t seen in decades what has it done with the people closest to you.  Your neighbors and your family are the closest people to you and yet it seems like they are also the furthest away.  How and when did this happen?


05 Dec

Google plans to close Google Reader on July 1, and users that relied heavily on the service are searching aimlessly to find a suitable replacement.   This won’t be a major issue for many because Google reader isn’t a mission critical application. What about those companies that rely on Facebook or Google as their primary source of information? I see many small businesses that use Facebook as their primary website and opt to not have a website at all.

03 Dec

Word-Power is persuasive power. The power to grab attention, make hard-hitting points and generate immediate response from your targeted market. Carefully chosen words build credibility for your website, your business, your products or services. They are vital tools that can be artfully used to create the specific response or action you want.

Selling, regardless of what the product or service, is an emotional process. A process of learning to push the right “buttons” in your prospect to get the desired response. Expert copywriting is the tool to create that outcome. Yet far too few businesses understand the impact and value of well-chosen words and how they can attract, motivate and sell.

01 Dec

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Instagram? Check. Pinterest? Check. YouTube? Check. Google+? Check. Vine? What is that?


Does this sound like a conversation you have either had with yourself as you sit down to write out your marketing plan or a conversation you have had with your business partners.  I am going to guess and say that it is something you have said more than once.  Each day that passes you wonder what you are doing with your social media circles and then you put it away because there is so much you have to do for your business.


Each day goes by and another potential customer is lost because you are not active on a consistent basis or you are not providing them with a reason to keep coming back because your posts are all about you.  Social media marketing is no different than any other type of marketing so stop thinking that it has to be different.


27 Nov

A good marketing person fully understands current trends. A great marketing person understands these trends, but also knows where the market is going. The world of television is changing beneath our feet.   The advancement of Smart TVs, high(er) speed internet, and streaming video is the framework for what is to come. The companies that have the most to gain are the ones that will figure out how to use this as a marketing advantage and use that advantage to get in before the competition does.

22 Nov

Every where you turn these days there is a listing of tips, ideas and how-to’s on social media marketing, dieting, working out and just about everything else.  It can be a maddening world with all this information being thrust at you.  That being said I am going to give you some more and what you are about to read is going to blow your mind.  This is going to be the key to unlock your greatest successes.

14 Nov

We already know Social Media is the biggest hype for small business marketing  in recent history, and rightfully so.  Businesses that blog and engage in social media can see 80% or more traffic than businesses that don’t.  If you are already on the bandwagon, good for you, but let’s be sure you aren’t hindering your campaign through bad social media practices…

Let’s discuss social media by what it truthfully is, a communication tool.  That’s right.  It’s no different than a telephone call, email, or talking with a customer in your store. I can tell you through experience, social media is not being treated the same way.

11 Nov

I recently read an article about Google developing a way to measure the value of advertising with mobile which includes social.  The article discusses that it requires the advertisers to input data and that it is not perfect.  Reading this I started thinking about the standard that digital marketing is being held to and how it seems to be different from that of television and radio and even print.


When a brand markets on television they show a 30 second commercial and has to hope that somebody is paying attention.  There is not guarantee that when that commercial airs that anybody is even in the room.  Nielsen provides data that shows them how many people were tuned in but again cannot give an exact account of those that watched.


This is also ignoring the fact that there is delayed watching.  Shows are being recorded and watched later in the day or up to a week later.  When watching those shows are people watching the commercials or are they skipping them so that they get to the program they wanted to watch?


If you are unfamiliar with television or radio advertising you purchase your spots based on past data with the hopes that the past will provide an indication of the future.  You pay the station to broadcast your commercial, but unfortunately it is not guaranteed to run because if somebody else pays a higher price you can get pre-empted.  Let’s assume you don’t get pre-empted and you paid $1,000 for the commercial.  If Nielsen says that the show generated a 2.0 GRP then you paid a $500 CPP.


24 Oct

If you’ve read the “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, you’ll recognize the value of 10,000 hours. If you haven’t, let me catch you up with a synopsis.   A common theme that appears throughout Outliers is the "10,000-Hour Rule", based on a study by Anders Ericsson. Gladwell claims that greatness requires enormous time, using the source of The Beatles' musical talents and Gates' computer savvy as examples.   Gladwell explains that reaching the 10,000-Hour Rule, which he considers the key to success in any field, is simply a matter of practicing a specific task that can be accomplished with 20 hours of work a week for 10 years.

My personal viewpoint is that I both agree and disagree with Gladwell. It does take an enormous amount of time to be truly great at what you do. Even if you fully agree, there are a few exceptions: one being remarkable talent. If you’ve ever watched a 12 year old play a guitar like the wind or sing like a bird, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

21 Oct

Social media and strategy are not words that one would hear very often in 2012, but it is now 2013 and in the first two weeks I cannot tell you how many times I have read the words social media strategy.  It seems every publication is using those words and for good reason.

When social media first started becoming a tool for businesses to use nobody knew what was right and what was wrong.  Many still don’t or pretend that they do but regardless of what you think what you do need is a social media strategy.  This tool will keep your head on straight as new networks pop-up or new apps are being leveraged.  It is ok if you aren’t using the most recently released network as it is going to take time to develop and become a force in a marketing plan.  Besides, wouldn’t you rather have your competitors jump at it and make mistakes while you sit back, watch and learn.  Once you are ready then you jump in and become the leader in that network.

18 Oct

This past week we came across a few people who asked the following question:  Do B2B companies need social media?  I stopped in my tracks and scratched my head to try and come up with a reason to answer no but I couldn’t come up with one.  The word need is what threw me off because no company needs to do anything other than sell their services.  What they should want to do is sell as many of those services as possible and that is where social media marketing comes into play.

Social media for a long time has been considered a young person’s playground.  It has been thought of as a place to update the status of where your dog is or how cold it is outside in January.  While this still happens the tides have changed and social media is now a place to market your business to those people making those status updates.

17 Oct

nteractive / Internet Marketing is constantly evolving and growing at an extremely rapid pace. New opportunities and methods are being developed on an almost daily basis, which would appear to make it increasingly difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. While it is important to stay nimble within an interactive marketing plan, a well-planned and focused strategy, using the most appropriate and relevant placements will ensure a successful campaign regardless of the latest marketing fads.

The key to success is following a simple formula: Plan, Accumulate, Activate and Measure.

02 Oct

I speak with business people every day – and because of the nature of my business, I listen to business strategies of all different kinds. One common theme I’ve been hearing is, “I don’t have time for Social Media”. Business owners find time for anything that makes them money. So I doubt time is the issue. I really believe that many owners still underestimate the value of Social Media. They are the ones missing out, because I assure you, it is not going away and it is an effective marketing strategy. It’s not a fad. It’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

Don’t take my word for it… Consider these facts….

01 Oct

Why is this important, can’t anybody do it?
Your website is your identity on the web.  Many times, it’ll be the only chance you have to make an impression on a customer.  A properly designed website can be the difference in bringing in that all important lead.  A typical internet user has a short attention span when they are searching for a company that they want to deal with.  Long load times, difficult navigation, and below average design are all reasons for the customer to leave immediately, never to be heard from again.

Selecting your web team is an important decision and it’s best to get it right the first time.

29 Sep

If you are reading this blog post then there is a very good chance that you were searching for social media tips or just got a speeding ticket.  Either way, thank you for finding this post and I hope you find something relevant to your business (sorry can’t help you with traffic violations.)


Whenever I talk to clients and potential clients they seem to view social media as a one way street.  I spend quite a bit of time talking to them and showing them examples of how this is the wrong way to view the medium.  I often ask them about a cocktail party or a conference they were at and probe to see if they met the person who did nothing but hand out business cards and talk about all the success they were having at their profession.  Undoubtedly they say yes they know exactly what I’m talking about and then I fire off the question:  Is this how you want to be perceived in your social media circle?

27 Sep

Is Bad Web Design Affecting Your Bottom Line? Back in 1998, when I first started in this industry, web design was very basic. The tools used to create web graphics and the lack of bandwidth was major bottle-necks back then.

Fast forward to today. Graphic design tools have grown in sophistication and many are aimed directly at the web designer. Bandwidth is hardly an issue anymore. Open source projects such as JQuery have really advanced what a web design/programmer can accomplish in a short amount of time.

So why do I still find so many business sites that look like they were designed in 1998?

16 Sep

Maybe you started your business 20 years ago or maybe you started your business 20 minutes ago.  Either way, there is a very good chance that you are asking yourself one question regarding how to market your business TODAY.  The question is typically in the form of: How do I leverage social media to my benefit?  There are going to be all sorts of responses to this question from all kinds of experts but what these posts fail to discuss is the answer to the question:  Why should I blog on or about my business or industry?

Why Should I Blog And What Should I Blog About?

13 Sep


On August 26th, Facebook updated its promotions guidelines to allow brands to run Facebook contests on their Fan Page Timelines.

With these new Facebook promotion guidelines, brands can now accept "contest entries" by asking fans to like, comment, or message the page.

While this is a huge opportunity to drive brand engagement, many businesses are struggling to come up with Facebook contest ideas for their fan page timelines. 

Several Facebook app companies launched the ability to export a .csv of likes and comments to help business owners take advantage of these changes.


06 Sep

Keeping up with our weekly review of small businesses and their use of social media marketing we will be reviewing Walls Gone Wild, LLC and their use of Facebook in helping to promote their business.  As a reminder about our reviews, we are not looking at the marketing of the business across all of their social media platforms but instead looking at one and highlighting areas that could use improvement and areas in which the business is doing a great job.

If You Are Interested In Having Us Review Your Social Media Marketing Please Contact Us.

29 Aug

I used to love Linked in groups. I came to realization of why I am spending little time there anymore. I made 3 posts to discussion groups and 3 days later, they aren’t even posted yet. In fact, one group banned me. What??!

The ban-ation was weird. It was actually the second time they’ve banned me. The first time was because I posted a link. Mind you it wasn’t a link to a site I own, and it wasn’t a link to a blog I authored. It was simply a link that reaffirmed my thoughts on a topic through another author’s blog that I had read recently. Now, I’ve been a member of this group for some time and posted on a number of different topics. So historically I was a responsible member of the community and it wasn’t my first post with a high likelihood of spam.

27 Aug

Our company of choice this week for the social marketing review is Huma Chia Gel and the platform we will be reviewing for them is Instagram.  As you know, Instagram is a fun way to share your life with friends and family via pictures and more recently :15 videos.  What you don't see there is a business application to this fast rising social media platform but that doesn't mean that one doesn't exist.  For my money, Instagram is a tremendous way to get out the word about your product/brand and in a way that is more emotion inducing than Facebook or Twitter.  Yes, you can post pictures on both platforms but the words come first.  With Instagram it is the othe way around and as the cliche says:  A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Try fitting that into 140 characters on Twitter or 420 on Facebook.

21 Aug

Facebook is a lot of things to a lot of different people. It’s a way to connect to old friends. It’s a way to connect to new friends. For business, it’s a great way to connect to your customers. But is the effectiveness for business fading? Prior to the EdgeRank algorithm, Facebook was a great way to interact with your fans. Now you are lucky to reach 5-10% of them.

Early adopters in social media marketing flourished early on and Facebook grew in popularity primarily because of its ease of use and by catering to what the end user wants. The problem they (Facebook) are struggling with right now is they are afraid to cater to the people paying the bills, a.k.a. you and me, a.k.a.2 small businesses. They are afraid that too much spam will chase away users.  Maybe rightfully so.

13 Aug

It's that time of the week again.  That time when we do a review of a specific social media marketing platform for a chosen at random small company.  We believe that just because a company is small means that their social media marketing has to be 'small' as well.  In today's world of marketing and advertising, social media has leveled the playing field.  Companies like Coke and IBM cannot create more time in the day nor can they create a public interest in a specific product.  Today's social media marketing allows even the smallest of companies to have a large presence.  With that in mind we take a look at a particular company on a weekly basis to see what they are doing well and bring that to light so that other small companies can copy that idea. We also point out areas where we think an improvement can be made so that the company we are reviewing can make a change but also for those companies reading this blog post so that they can avoid that same mistake.

05 Aug

Stop me if you have heard this one before: social media is about engagement and connections.  You could Google the words social media, engagement, connections and probably come up with millions of results.  Everybody worth their salt talks about how engagement and connecting in social media is vitaly important but very rarely do they give you real world examples.  This blog post is about to change that because while it is about engagement and connections it is another thing to see it happening right before your eyes.

Earlier this year I joined Instagram as my healthy living lifestyle blog Cook Train Eat Race.  It took me sometime to join Instagram as my brand because of the following:

02 Aug

At Sonix Studio, we get turned down by clients all the time because they can find a cheaper option somewhere else. This is fine for us because we recognize that we aren’t the cheapest option out there, nor do we strive to be. Our business model is driven around creating the best solution that will get you what you want out of your website, results. And we do that at a fair price.

The same goes with our hosting packages. We don’t crowd our servers with more sites than it can handle and we buy the newest and best equipment out there. This translates into less downtime and because we are also your website developer, there is less need to worry about potential upgrades. Our costs are still the same therefore we charge more for the product. We don’t rely on thousands of customers to offset that cost.

30 Jul

Every week we are going to review one portion of a social media marketing component from a randomly picked company.  Last week we reviewed the Instagram portion of the creator of Quest Nutrition and what we thought were excellent ideas and a few simple changes that could enhance the platform for them.  This week we are going to take a look at the Facebook page of the cookie company Om Nom Nom, which is based in Miami, Florida.

I came across the company through Twitter and when we decided to take a peek at the social media marketing of small to medium sized companies Om Nom Nom just happened to come across my Twitter feed so it was selected as the company to review this week.

25 Jul

Quest Nutrition bars has done it again.  I wrote a blog post here a few weeks ago about how Quest Nutrition Bars and Chobani are doing social media marketing right.  At the time I had just written a blog post for Cook Train Eat Race regarding the 6 pictures that always make me laugh on Instagram and I received a tweet from the Quest Nutrition twitter account about how much they enjoyed the blog post.  The post was really a humorous look at Instagram but once I dove deeper into the Quest Nutrition social media marketing I realized how much they were doing right.  There were followers of the brand posting pictures everywhere and sharing those pictures via various social media platforms.  

Let's say for example that Quest has a team of 4 people in their marketing department and they pay them $50,000 per year (this is to make the math easy as I have no clue what they are paying them.)  That is a payroll expenditure of $200,000.  Now think about all of their followers on all the various social media platforms and let us estimate that to be 100,000 (again I don't know as I didn't do the math to add them all up) and they pay them $0.  As a matter of fact those followers are paying Quest when they purchase the bars.  Those pictures reach hundreds of thousands of people who may already be consumers or are soon to be consumers.  I think you can see where I am going here.  For $200,000 Quest is reaching the masses and getting their products branded into the consciousness of so many people.  That is an effective ROI.

23 Jul

Marketing mix is a word that I heard for over a decade while I worked in the television advertising world.  I even heard it when I became the Director of Media and Client Services at an internet start-up that was a lead generation organization.  I was charged with finding the right marketing mix for our clients.  Somedays that meant that we spent a lot of money on the name 'brands' and others it meant padding the plan with the lesser known but more niche oriented selections.  It was a balancing act that required a deft touch, attention to detail and the ability to negotiate and re-negotiate so that your client got what they paid for, your company turned a profit and the vendor walked away feeling like they won the negotiation.  Some days you won, some days you lost but in the end your marketing mix was what mattered most.

What is a marketing mix?  

22 Jul

Ironman in its simplest description is a race of 140.6 miles consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.  This is an endurance event that has been called the toughest in the world.  Oh, and if going those distances wasn't enough you have to get them done in 17 hours to be labeled with the trademark Ironman brand.  It is a daunting task but not impossible.

Social media marketing in its simplest description is conversing with the public to generate sales of your product.  This is a marketing platform that has been called the wasteland of marketing.  Oh, and if marketing your product or service on a social media platform wasn't enough you have new social media platforms popping up on what seems like a daily basis.  It can be a daunting task but not impossible.

11 Jul

Social Media marketing is getting a lot of press lately, even if it is only from those running social media marketing campaigns or companies.  If you open the world wide web and go to a news website and click on the technology tab you are sure to find an article or 10 written about how to leverage social media to promote your business and sell your widgets.  It is everywhere from which platforms are best, to which times are optimal, to how to use hashtags and headlines. Honestly you cannot miss these attention grabbing headlines because if you do your company is doomed to fail or at least that is what the article says.

I am a partner in a digital marketing agency.  We run social media campaigns for small to medium sized businesses as well as build websites for them.  We operate under the tagline: If you build it, and promote it they will come.  Nothing in there says promote it at 2-4p and use 71 characters in your tweets and they will come.  Just promote it. 

06 Jul

What could a garage sale teach you about social media?  The answer to that question is something I learned on July 6th over the course of 1 day and 6 hours.  This lesson was something that I will take forward with me regardless of what I do in my life but I will say that it is very pertinent to where I am today as a social media marketer.  Let's break down what occurs during a garage sale and how it pertains to social media.


05 Jul

Google Plus or G+ is the little darling of the social media networking or marketing world these days and before we go any further I have a confession to make.  I did not believe that Google+ would or could become a powerful and useful force in the social media marketing industry.  When it was first introduced it was a fledgling app that seemed to not have much momentum. I pushed it away because I thought: Who is going to just drop all of their friends on Facebook and move over to a platform with nobody there.  Are people going to actually post in more than one place?  G+ not for me.

Well, as of this writing I am publicly apologizing to G+ and all that it is.  Today I am on G+ as much as I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network and trust me when I say that I spend a lot of time in each of these places.  I mean after all I am part of a social media and digital marketing agency (you can read my bio right here if you don't believe me.) My days are filled with liking and sharing and tweeting and hashtagging that I couldn't possibly have time for another network let alone let all my friends, family and followers know about this network.  Silly social media marketer Google+ is for everybody.

26 Jun

This morning as I was making breakfast in my kitches I was scrolling on my iPhone and checking off emails and deleting some that I had no interest in.  In the span of about 5 minutes I must have deleted 50 emails and it got me to wondering why I am getting so many but that thought didn't last long as my eggs were almost ready.  While eating my breakfast I took out my iPad and again started scrolling through emails and then jumped on Instagram and other social media platforms.  This was me rushing through the 'unimportant' things in my day.  Then when I sat down at my laptop and started going through the emails I didn't delete I came across one regarding instant gratification from my coach Maria of No Limits Endurance Coaching.

After reading that and thinking about how that is what we look for, not just in sport, but in life regardless of what it is we are doing I came across an article on LinkedIn about personal efficiency.  I think the God's above were trying to tell me something.  Work on your personal efficiency to generate the gratification you need from life whether it be at sales and marketing for Sonix Studio or for getting better at triathlon.

I wanted to share some of the ideas from the personal efficiency article and what mistakes I make with them.

26 Jun

As you already know, video is an important piece of media marketing strategy. Since the dawn of television, video has been an influential part of our lives. Now that social has taken over, the power of video hasn’t changed, though the type of content we use video for, may have.

Google+ Hangouts is a free video chat service from Google that enables both one-on-one chats and group chats with up to ten people at a time.   While somewhat similar to Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Video Chat, Google Hangouts focuses more on "face-to-face-to-face" group interaction as opposed to one-on-one video chats, and utilizes sophisticated technology to seamlessly switch the focus to the person currently chatting.

20 Jun

On June 20, 2013 the landscape for social marketing changed.  You could probably say that about everyday but let's just stay with today and discuss the announcement from Facebook and Instgram.  You haven't heard?  Instagram has announced that you can now shoot video with their application and post it to your Instagram account just like you would any photo.  Right away you may be thinking to yourself:  Great just another Vine application but it isn't.  In my opinion it is better than Vine, and I will get into that more in detail, but trust me when I say that you will enjoy the features that Instagram is incorporating.

First off, do you use Instagram?  If not, you should be because the cliche' that a picture tells 1,000 words is beyond true.  More than that though Instagram allows you to tag users in your photos, provide a caption and utilize Hashtags (Welcome to this world Facebook) so that your photos can be found by anybody anywhere, that is if your account is public.

So what makes the Instagram video different from Vine?  There are 6 reasons to believe that Insta-Video (I'm just going to use this from now on) is going to be a stronger application for businesses than Vine and I'll spell them out below along with my opinion:

1- 15 Seconds Of Video

19 Jun

Today I was on an article in Fast Company about Instagram and how it is a part of Facebook.  The article points out how Facebook has not taken over Instagram and told the founders how to run it like they have in the past with other acquisitions.  In the article  the founder of Instagram points out that he is going to keep forming Instagram into what he wants it to become.


A comment on the article stated that: Shouldn’t Instagram become what the users want it to become.  I couldn’t disagree more with this comment because despite what the users think we don’t OWN any of the social media networks.  Shareholders own these businesses and what and where they choose to become or go is up to them, NOT US.


10 Jun

As high schools and elementary schools across the U.S. continue to drop the “Indian” mascot, Washington’s NFL team owner, Daniel Snyder, vows to never change the mascot from the current name, “Redskins”.  I realize that I am not of Native decent, therefore I can’t speak to the level of offensiveness to the name. However, I do recognize a mascot as a thing of dignity and high regard; therefore do not understand why it’d be offensive to begin with.

Congress has even decided to step in and demand that Daniel Snyder change the name of the team, at a cost of $220 million to rebrand the team, according to Snyder.

10 Jun

Are you enjoying Google+ and its amazing features?  Here's some tips on how to format your text as well as how to use hashtags to help your posts get found.

07 Jun

I’ve noticed that it’s seems much harder to get Facebook likes these days.  4 or 5 years ago I had no problem setting up a new page and promoting it to my friends, then suddenly having 100-200 likes.

A few months ago, I started a new page, invited my friends to like it, and waited.  I have a total of 9 likes so far.  Really?  Have I worn out my welcome that much?  I don’t have THAT many pages and rarely invite people to like them.  Or is it that people have grown tired of “liking” pages in general?

06 Jun

Recycling has been talked about for a long time now and how it is important to help save the planet with which we live on.  I don’t disagree but the recycling I am talking about may just save you from losing your mind.  I am talking about recycling old blog posts that you wrote and may either be relevant again or you have more information with which to expand on your original argument.

05 Jun

I work in the social marketing game so I spend hours upon hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and LinkedIn.  I am always looking for ways to learn how I can service my clients better.  The lessons can come in the form of reading about how social marketing is being done wrong and the examples provided.  Or they can come in first hand experience and I recently had two experiences that give me hope about how social marketing is being done right and how while still evolving is getting better.


I write a triathlon blog called Cook Train Eat Race and I have the brand on many social networks. I provide content regarding living a plant based lifestyle while racing endurance events.  As you can imagine the majority of the people I follow and my followers fall into two camps:


  • Those looking to get healthy through food and exercise.
  • Those just starting their journey into the world of triathlon and looking for advice/tips.


05 Jun

I think most of us old are old enough to remember working in an environment with a constant sound of a ringing telephone. Answering that call was very important; it meant there was a customer on the line with a question, concern, or to make an order. In fact, it was so important; some companies hired answering services to take calls in the off-hours.

That’s changed, hasn’t it? The sound of a ringing phone has been replaced by email or perhaps your information on your web site.   Your customers no longer need to call you to get the answers they were looking for. If they need to know your store hours, that’s easy. It’s listed on your website.

03 Jun

Creating good content is all anybody in the business of social marketing refers to these days.  This is good content, no that is good content.  This is how you create good content, this is how you share that content.  It goes on and on and on.  Well I am here to give you the secret to creating good content.  I hope you are ready.


23 May

So you’ve deemed social media as a necessary evil. Everyone else is doing it, so your small business should too. You’ve got a young office worker already employed. She must understand social media, after-all she’s on Facebook all the time. So you let her do it.

It’s a common solution. I hear about cases like this every day. These are also the same companies that are swearing that social media is overrated and they don’t see any results from it.

21 May

If you are a sports fan then you undoubtedly know about ESPN and all the different venues that ESPN has in terms of offline broadcasting.  There is the Mother Ship of ESPN, but there is also ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPNNews.  They also broadcast on the radio in just about every major market that has a sports team.  ESPN has essentially changed the way we as the public view sports.  I also believe that the way that the sports are played, for good or bad, has changed as well as athletes want to see themselves on SportsCenter.


I, personally, can be found tuned into a particular ESPN outlet at any given point of the day.  Every morning I listen to Mike and Mike and then stream The Herd while working for Sonix Studio.  What happened recently though changed how I ‘see’ ESPN.  What happened was I found them penetrating my social media outlets more and more.  Now ESPN didn’t do this to me more as I found them in other areas.


13 May

In recent articles I’ve written about the importance of Facebook and Twitter for business. I also spoke to the fact that you don’t need to be on every network. If you haven’t tried Google+ for your business yet, you may want to start now. Here’s a few reasons why…

13 May

Few industries work as well with Instagram as the health and fitness industry and for good reason.  The health and fitness industry combines food, exercise, transformations/stories and fit people.  If you think about this the health and fitness industry on Instagram can be a living and everyday evolving magazine similar to GQ or Marie Claire.


If you operate in this industry and have not started an Instagram account I will ask you what you ask most of the potential clients you meet for the first time:  Why are you waiting for tomorrow to get here?  I am active on Instagram and post only pictures of the healthy dishes I create but I follow quite a few accounts and the majority of them are health and fitness accounts.  They are telling stories through their pictures and so can you.


Here is how Instagram can work for those in the health and fitness industry:


Food: In order to have a healthy body you need to fuel it.  Putting fast food or candy into your body is not going to transform your body to the picture of health but instead do the

09 May

Social media is free right? Well the platforms are. Facebook and Twitter don’t charge you for their services. So yes, in that aspect, it’s free, but you either have to pay someone through a new hire or existing employee, outsource your social media to a company like Sonix Studio (sonixstudio.com), or use your own time (which is the same as money) to educate yourself and post to these free networks.

It’s not for everybody. The businesses that aren’t utilizing social media are the same people that loathe this type of work. Maybe they don’t see the value in it. If they don’t, they are choosing to ignore the facts. And yes, this is fact. Social Media works, regardless of what business you are in.

06 May

Instagram is one of the newest social media platforms that is growing by leaps and bounds.  I have multiple theories as to why Instagram has grown so fast but I think the easiest one to comprehend is that pictures tell 1,000 words.  When people see pictures that resonate with them they only need click the ‘heart’ button to cast a vote for that picture.

The beauty of pictures is just that.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when we see pictures we imagine that image in our lives.  How did that item make us feel?  Happy or sad or otherwise?  Regardless of how you feel a picture generates an emotion and that is why I believe that Instagram has grown the way it has.

Now if you are a business how do you convey your brand to the community and grow your Instagram community to generate revenue and is being on Instagram worth your time and effort.  I will be the first to say that Instagram is not for every business, but that can be said for any social media platform.  Your content must resonate on the platform in order for it to be effective so Instagram lends itself to the food industry (restaurants, chefs, food trucks) as well as industries such as real estate, clothing and travel.

Tips For Growing Your Instagram Community

  • Post Content That Enhances The Life Of Your Community
29 Apr

The most common complaint about social media marketing is that we don’t have the time. Well, we all find time for things that make us money, and social media is a proven tool to help make that happen.

25 Apr

It all comes down to time. It’s one of the main reasons so many small businesses don’t do enough with their campaigns. They just run out of time. Hopefully these few tips will get you back on track and headed in the right direction.

24 Apr

We know and understand that there is a myriad of choices out there when it comes to social networks.  Some businesses are on 1 or 2 only and yet others are on 7 or 8.  Regardless of how many you are on being engaged is what is important to a successful presence on social media.  Please note that I did not say campaign because campaigns are for only a set portion of time and social media marketing is always going and always on.


If you are not producing top notch content and responding to requests and engaging in conversation your social media marketing will be unsuccessful, but how do you manage to produce top notch content day after day.  That’s right, content needs to be produced day after day.  Facebook’s EdgeRank shows that the more people see your content the more is shared and thus a higher visibility.


Back to the question about producing top notch content day after day.  There is inspiration all around us to allow us to provide content to our followers on a daily basis but it is a matter of capturing it and saving it for a later date.  Trying to create content every morning will product un-due stress and this is where a content calendar comes into play.


22 Apr

The most common question we receive about the use of Twitter is, “what do I say”?   Most entrepreneurs want to push their product all the time. What they don’t realize is how many potential clients are tuning them out. Give away information or just talk about subjects that will generate conversation. The key to selling through Twitter (or social media in general) is to build relationships with people. Those relationships build trust, which in the end, results in direct sales.

22 Apr

Sports is often considered a microcosm for America and with the penetration of social media into both America and sports we get a closer look than we could have ever imagined.  Today, teams and athletes as well as fans have accounts that they turn to while watching a game and conduct play by play calls as well as becoming officials in the sport.


Spring has sprung and the world of sports is at its apex as March Madness has recently ended, Major League Baseball is just starting up, The Masters just concluded while the NBA Playoffs Tip-Off and the NFL draft is around the corner.  If you are a sports fan then you are in a little bit of heaven and that if you have a social media account there is a good chance that you are talking about or have the ability to talk about your favorite sport all day.


19 Apr

Instagram is fairly ‘new’ to the scene of social media but that doesn’t mean it is not a powerful tool in your marketing tool kit.  The cliche pictures tell 1,000 words is very true and when it comes to your product on social media it probably tells more than that.


The beauty of Instagram is that this is original content that can be uploaded to your feed without much effort and can be leveraged against other social media.  The Instagram app lets you post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and send out via email.  So if that 1 picture tells 1,000 words on Instagram, it also says 1,000 words on each of the other social media outlets that are connected and that allows for your product to go viral fairly quickly.


16 Apr

People buy you. They don’t buy your presentations, your service, or your product. Sure, there are exceptions, but people buy from you because they know you and trust that you are going to deliver.  They aren’t necessarily buying your product or service, they buy you.

Now I don’t mean you are being sold into slavery. What I do mean is that as a salesperson, business professional, cat herder, or whatever you people are called these days, you are the person that is responsible for building your network. The larger your network, the more opportunities you will have to fill your funnel. Those opportunities will heat up once you begin to develop trust with people within your network.

12 Apr

Social media ROI is a hot topic right now and for good reason. Businesses want to know when they are going to get “paid” for all this social media work they are putting in. It’s a valid question.

The answer to that question varies though. It depends. It depends on what kind of business you are. . It depends on much effort you are putting into social media. It depends on the message that you are sending to your audience.

The benefits of social media are mind blowing. Never before have you had access to so many people with such little effort. Combine the growth in audience opportunity with the changes coming for Internet search from both Facebook and Google to include social data, it is imperative that you are on social media.

12 Apr

There are many things that happen on social media which could be considered crisis material for your brand. Whether it’s a negative comment that paints your brand with a broad, bad brush, or any one of a thousand other things, Facebook lives by that little tidbit of life wisdom: The same things that make you laugh will make you cry.

An app crash, someone not receiving their product, a negative post about your brand that has gone viral, someone accusing you of plagiarism or monetary theft – if you’re not prepared to handle such a crisis, then even the smallest crisis imaginable is going to bring you down.

11 Apr

Real estate is a commodity that is always for sale.  Sometimes demand is low but that doesn’t mean that a house will not sell.  It just means that the agent has to be more creative than the next in selling the house they have listed.


Most home buyers these days turn to realtor.com or MLS.com to get an idea of what houses are for sale and to review them but if that is all you are doing then you are missing a large population of home buyers currently looking for a new home or future buyers but either way you are missing that population.


Here are a few ways to leverage social media as a real estate agent to help you sell the current listing and to acquire the confidence of a future seller or buyer.


08 Apr

Social media marketing is not about writing blog post after blog post and then sending it out via your social media channels.  It is more involved than that and requires organization, time and commitment.  Those could be 3 social media marketing tips right there for you but alas I will expand more about social media marketing.


It seems that more and more businesses and people are jumping into the social media marketing game but they are making mistakes.  We all make mistakes but if you can follow these 5 tips you will be able to minimize those mistakes and have a successful campaign and build a community around your brand.


04 Apr

Owning a small business isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.   Yes, you get to be the boss, but then again, you are the boss.   There is nobody for you to “pass the buck” to. You are it. If the company fails, it’s all on your shoulders.

If you’ve been in business for a long time, i.e. 10 years or more, you’ve most likely built your business a more traditional way. You may have advertised in magazines, newspapers, television, or just plain word of mouth. These methods are still effective, but a game changer has entered the atmosphere. The game changer is social media.

03 Apr

ROI is on the tips of everybody’s tongues.  You ask anybody about digital marketing and the first thing they ask is what is the ROI.  I wrote an article about how I think that digital is held to a higher standard than TV when it comes to proving ROI.  I am now going to discuss how the money spent on one :30 TV commercial might be better spent leveraging the size of social networks.


I am a former executive in the television advertising business and dealt with some rather large agencies that were purchasing national TV ad units for big players like Pfizer, Kraft, Campbell’s and Unilever to name a few.  My job was to make sure that the commercials we sold were for money than the commercial time we purchased.  A profit manager who had to know where and when commercials would work best.  One of the areas I managed was the Early Morning News.  We competed against the likes of The Today Show, Good Morning America and whatever the CBS early morning news program is.


26 Mar

Did your mother ever tell you to choose your words wisely?  I know mine did and it is a lesson that has stuck with to this day.  It is a matter of making sure that what comes out of your mouth is exactly what you want to say and exactly how you want to say it.  Words can be hurtful and when not chosen wisely can do lots of damage.  At least that was what my mother was teaching me.


In today’s society with Facebook and Twitter and Blogging your words are no longer thrown into the air and lost a few moments later.  Now the words are thrown onto the internet and are there FOREVER.  Think about that for a moment.  If somebody wanted to do research on your company and you posted a derogatory comment about a competitor or a product they will find it.  There are no secrets on the internet.


I am writing about this today because while going through my Twitter feed I came across this tweet and it left me wondering how it ever left the keyboard of the person typing:


26 Mar

I have been a subscriber to Netflix for years but mostly only used it for getting that little red packet in the mail with a movie that I failed to go see in the theatre.  It wasn’t until about two years ago, coincidentally when my triathlon training picked up, did I realize that streaming was truly an option for me.  Not just streaming mind you but streaming shows that were on channels, like Showtime, that I did not pay for.


Let us not forget the fact that I no longer had to watch commercials on TV, thanks to my handy DVR but now I got to watch shows that other people were paying a premium for.  Why are you paying that premium?  So that you can see it in ‘real-time’?  Is that worth the extra money you spend?


I would say that it is not worth it as I can have discussions with friends about programs that they too are just catching up on through one of the services like Netflix or Hulu Plus.  We are avoiding higher fees and commercials but what is next?  That is what Netflix is answering right as I type this.  How are they answering that question?


House Of Cards


21 Mar

The tip of Butler and Bucknell just occurred but you are in a meeting and really want to know what is happening.  After all, this game has been highly predicted as one of the first upsets in the March Madness NCAA Tournament.  What do you do?

Lucky for you the world has changed and quite dramatically.  More than likely you have a tablet in that meeting and if you don’t then you certainly have a smartphone.  With more than one app available to you following a game is very simple these days.  You can watch play by play via text or even stream the game on your device

05 Mar

Google+ Hangout may just be the answer to all the expense of business travel, creating your own TV show and getting an education all in one application. I will admit to being late to the Google+ Hangout scene but once I was on this train I did not, and do not want to get off.  My partner and I, at Sonix Studio, live in different states (and they say social media doesn’t work) and we are able to conduct weekly meetings as well as host a live broadcast discussing social media on our YouTube channel.


There are many benefits to using G+ Hangout for your business:

1. Conduct Business Meetings Regardless Of Location


26 Feb

Recently I sat down with a potential client to discuss her massage business.  As is typical with any meeting with a potential client there is the wish list and the must list.  I always ask how their target market is and most clients give me a deer in the head lights look as if to say:  EVERYBODY!


Yes, maybe everybody is your market but that is not your target market and not where you will find your influencers.  Your influencers are going to be those people in your target market that keep coming back for your goods and/or services.


That is when the a ha moment occurs and I am now able to go into more detail about how you can find influencers in your social media marketing campaign.  There are lots of tools and apps to help identify those that are sharing/re-tweeting and mentioning your content but the focus of this post is to help you identify what to do after you have figured out who your influencers are.


Let’s say that you have been running your social media marketing campaign for a quarter and you have generated likes and follows via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Now what you do with those numbers is what is important.


13 Feb

TV ads, radio, billboards:  they are all examples of “push” marketing.  “Let’s push our product to the consumer”, says the outbound marketer.  There’s no denying that this method works, as it’s been proven over a long period of time.  Its effectiveness may be changing though.  What is cool suddenly becomes not as cool when advertising takes over.  How many of you fast forward commercials when you DVR your TV episodes?  I know I do.

06 Feb

Encore by definition is a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience.  Social Media Marketing can be broken down to wanting a call for a repeat performance by your audience so why not follow the steps of E.N.C.O.R.E. to ensure that you are maximizing your time and efforts of social media marketing to land that encore performance?


How do the letters in the word encore relate to social media?  It is fairly simple and I will break it down for you here:


E: Engage - This has been said over and over and over and I will repeat it again.  Why?  Because social media is not a one way street.  It is an 8 lane highway with people coming and going in all directions.  If you just post and push outbound marketing you will never be able to engage followers to promote an inbound marketing campaign.  If your followers are not engaging with you then you need to engage with them.  ‘Listen’ to conversations being had around your product or service and ask them questions, then respond.


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