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Created : Wednesday, 01 April 2015 21:13

Tech Companies Need Product Videos

Let’s not beat around the bush here. If you have a tech-related client and they don’t have a video describing their product or service, then your client is losing out on new customers or users. Flat-out, bottom line.

Part of my job here at SoMedia - okay, it’s kind of a hobby too - is to find new and better tools to do my job and help the entire Marketing team work better together. Whether it’s a new app for me to write these posts, project management tools, editorial calendars, news readers, or any other piece of software, a lot of the time I’m the guy who finds them and tries them first. I’m also the guy who figures out how to use the apps and fix them when they are broken. Want to know the number one way I like to evaluate and learn about a new app? Video. By the way, I’m not alone either. Via web metrics company Fathom and IDG comes some powerful data on why people watch tech related videos:

We just started using a new web-based editorial calendar system—you wouldn’t believe how much we write and produce all the time—and when I first signed into the system I was presented with a short video explaining how the system works and some examples how I could fit it into my current workflow. In less than 5 minutes I had a jump-start into using the app—I was able to start using the app effectively right away. When I had a question about how to manage the review process—specifically how to inform people when documents were ready for review—guess what, there was a video for that too. Couple minutes later I had a refined workflow for using the system.Using product videos, a tech company can quickly and easily show now only how their product works, but also why it’s different from competitors and what can be accomplished with it. Here’s a real-life example:

All from a couple videos.

Now apply this to your tech clients. Do they have videos to explain their products and services? Could a visitor to their website quickly learn how to get started using their app? Are there testimonial videos from clients talking about how the product worked for them?

According to Invodo 52% of consumers say that watching a video makes them more confident before and after purchasing something. And from the same report, you can see that the top two categories that people watch videos on are tech related.