Internet Marketing

The term "Internet Marketing" is defined as using the internet as a tool to market your business.  There are a number of websites and tools to help you along the way – each designed to bring a potential customer to your website.  Through internet marketing, they become engaged, they begin to trust you, and ultimately, they buy from you.

The internet is a big place.  The advantage is that you have a huge audience, an audience that no other advertising platform has ever been able to achieve.  The disadvantage is now you are a small fish in a big pond.  How do you get noticed?

You need a strategy. Our philosophy is to build a plan, Implement that plan, Track the results, Analyze those results and adjust them accordingly. Do more of the things that work, and find other ways to improve the ones that aren’t working as well.



Sonix Studio will plan, implement, track, and adjust your internet marketing campaign each month so you can focus on running your business.  Sonix also studies current trends and changes in the industry.  Our knowledge will keep your business on the cutting edge.

Let's face it, marketing takes time, energy, and knowledge of the current trends.  Do you really want to spend your day on marketing or would you rather spend it on running your business?  Outsourcing with Sonix Studio may not only save you time, but relying on our expertise may also save you money. 



Social Media Setup

Includes Setup for all Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Accounts and the following…

  • Creation of a bio that strategically reflects your business
  • Designing of a custom Twitter Background
  • Custom Creation of an appropriate Twitter name
  • Creation of a business Facebook Fan Page
  • Designing of a custom PROFILE image for your Facebook Fan Page
  • Designing of a custom COVER image for your Facebook Fan Page
  • Creation of your Vanity URL

Social Media Suite


On a monthly basis, Sonix Studio will continue to build your audience as well as keep your accounts active by…
  • Finding Twitter followers that match your demographic
  • Auto message new followers with a welcome/thank you message
  •  Up to 600 Tweets per month (provided by client unless otherwise noted)
  • Up to 60 Facebook posts per month (provided by client unless otherwise noted – we can also post your tweets to Facebook)
  • Social media report – review social media improvement and how your users engage with your social media pages.

Social Media Watchful Eye


On a daily basis, Sonix Studio will watch your Facebook and Twitter accounts for any user activity. Sonix Studio will answer simply questions on your behalf and forward any industry specific questions to the contact person for the account.

Conversation Builder


The Conversation Builder service is a proactive approach to social media marketing. Sonix Studio will search out people that are talking about your business’ products or services and approach them in a non-sales, conversational type of way.

As studies prove, these types of conversations build relationships with the people already in your demographic. These relationships build and turn prospects into customers. A single contact may directly buy from you or refer someone else to your business.


Ghost Blogging

Let’s face it, you are busy and blogging is hard. Sonix Studio can ease the pain by researching the trends in your business and writing blog posts on your behalf.






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