joomla development expertsThe importance of visual storytelling is clearly one of this decade’s breakout trends. Facebook Timeline, Pinterest, and Instagram are forcing brands to think and act more visually. Couple that with the impact of mobile browsing, and these emerging trends give new meaning to the phrase “show, don’t tell.”

In other words, the “beautification of the web” era is upon us.  Sonix Studio can impact your customers with  visual storytelling through your website.

Websites today have become the backbone of a thriving business. They’re the backbone that integrates the best of your marketing, sales and service resources on behalf of your customers.

Do visitors to your website want to do business with you? Statistics prove they make that decision in less than 5 seconds. An eye-pleasing layout, ease of navigation, distinctive display of products or services, credibility, a compelling sales message and a simple selling process all affect that outcome. How many customers … and how much revenue … are you losing every day – without ever knowing it!

What is your website saying about your business? Can you afford to keep projecting that message? A free consultation with the pros at Sonix Studio can show you how to turn your website into a revenue-generating business tool that helps you work smarter – not harder!




Social media is all around us.  It's a part of our everday lives.  Your business message needs to be heard on Social Media as it does on your website.  Sonix Studio creates spectacular Faceboook and Twitter pages that will impress your audience and builds trust with your potential buyers.  Put your business in the best light by choosing a qulaity Sonix Studio Social Media page.




The main objective of a newsletter is to attract readers and only a well-designed newsletter will draw readers to itself. Your newsletter design is important like the cover design of a book. No matter how perfect the elements of your newsletter are, if your newsletter design is not good enough, almost no one will be attracted to read it.

Marketing with newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with current customers.  Sonix Studio creates impactful newsletters and make sure they coded with email coding standards, so they are easily read from any email client.  Our designs can easily be imported into your favorite marketing software, such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.





A brand is a complicated, breathing thing. It consists of many components that must all integrate into a seamless, functional whole.

However, humans are creatures that place a great amount of reliance on their sense of sight. For that simple reason, companies that want their branding to succeed put a lot of effort into making a logo. In some circles, logos are considered the most important component of a branding strategy or campaign.



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