12 Apr

Responding to a Social Media Crisis

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| Written by  Craig Robinson

There are many things that happen on social media which could be considered crisis material for your brand. Whether it’s a negative comment that paints your brand with a broad, bad brush, or any one of a thousand other things, Facebook lives by that little tidbit of life wisdom: The same things that make you laugh will make you cry.

An app crash, someone not receiving their product, a negative post about your brand that has gone viral, someone accusing you of plagiarism or monetary theft – if you’re not prepared to handle such a crisis, then even the smallest crisis imaginable is going to bring you down.

So to ensure that you’re always prepared when a crisis rears its head, try using some solid tips to help you out of a jam.

Tips to Get Out of Crisis

Have a Plan in Place

If you were bombarded with a dozen customers logging complaints on your brand’s page right this moment, what would you do? This is where proper planning comes into play. You must have a system in place. Even if it’s just calmly addressing people to buy some time until you can get the proper people on the issue, the trick here is to be quick. You have to deprive the fire of oxygen. You still have to expect it to burn and smolder; the idea is to quell the spread.

Have Experts Waiting to Respond

If you’re just dealing with a post that has many negative comments, this is a crisis you can handle. Yes, it is a crisis to many, but simply pulling the dang thing works! But if you have some type of crash or glitch that’s affecting major parts of your business, you need to have someone with tech experience on retainer and ready to handle these issues.

Be a First Responder, Even if You Can’t Help

As mentioned above, a lot of crisis management has to do with simply addressing people and preparing them to speak with someone else. So as soon as you receive a nasty or urgent message, you should reply in kind with a sense of urgency. Remind people that you’re willing to help handle the issue, ask for their patience, and thank them for bringing the issue to your attention.

Monitor What’s Happening

Handling aspects of social media for your business requires that you monitor what’s going on in your business at all times. This becomes especially true when you’re dealing with a crisis. It’s imperative that you’re watching what’s being said about you, and also what’s being said to people by you or a representative. Stay on top of the situation here.

Remain Cordial and Polite

Are you ready to be polite with people even in the face of nasty tirades and a parade of profanity? If not, you should choose another field. Some people on social media are just trolls. Others are just nasty people. But while they’re rare, their rage can spread like a virus, especially if you stoop to their level. So always be cordial with people, no matter what.

You never know when a crisis is going to show up and wreak havoc on your business. This is why it’s always best to be prepared to handle anything.

Article written by: Craig Robinson, an editor for Qwaya – a facebook ad tool which helps marketers organize their facebook ad campaigns. Craig studies social engagement and fonds of writing topics about social media strategies and tips.

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