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The Television Shift is on… Is Your Website Optimized for TV?

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A good marketing person fully understands current trends. A great marketing person understands these trends, but also knows where the market is going. The world of television is changing beneath our feet.   The advancement of Smart TVs, high(er) speed internet, and streaming video is the framework for what is to come. The companies that have the most to gain are the ones that will figure out how to use this as a marketing advantage and use that advantage to get in before the competition does.

What are Smart TVs?

Smart TVs are televisions that integrate Internet features to provide a more interactive experience for users. Also known as connected TVs, Smart TVs provide features like Web browsing; video-on-demand and video streaming via services such as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus; Internet radio from services like Pandora and Rhapsody; social networking from sites like Twitter and Facebook; apps and games and more.

How Consumers will be using this Technology.

Consumers don’t like commercials – that is just a fact of life. They will avoid a commercial if they can. We already have digital recording and surveys show that more than 20% of all people DVR all their TV content. Close to 100% of those 20% fast forward all the commercials.

Then we have services like HULU and Netflix. They stream your TV shows in an on demand format. As a consumer, I don’t need to record or watch a show live. I can watch it at my convenience. The kicker? No commercials.

Streaming video is a shift in video distribution. The consumers want the convenience of this technology, and I can tell you, the cable and satellite companies are shaking in their boots. Their company’s future is at stake. What’s to stop a producer from streaming his own TV show instead of using a cable distributor? My prediction is that 80% of TV will be streamed over the internet in the next 5 years. Henry Ford put a lot of horse dealers out of business when they mass produced the automobile. Streaming video is to Henry Ford as cable companies are to the horse dealer.  Cable companies should be nervous.

What does this mean for you?

Let’s put it this way. The Cable/Satellite companies are aware of this shift. Dish TV bought the rights to Blockbuster after their bankruptcy. They didn’t buy Blockbuster for their movie distribution; they bought them for their streaming technology. They are preparing for this culture shift.

So what are you doing?   What can you do? It’s your job has the marketing “hat wearer” to figure out how your company can use this to your advantage. We already know that TVs will be equipped with an internet connection. People will be streaming TV shows and movies. They will be tweeting and posting to Facebook on their TV or tablet, looking for shows to watch, getting advice from their peers. They’ll be ordering their pizza for their dinner and a movie from their TV. How can you leverage this for your business? Unfortunately, this is a question only you can creatively answer.

The shift is on, and the ball is your court. Because you are thinking ahead of the game, and the defense isn’t ready, you have an opportunity to score and score big. Your move.

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Chad VanCalster

Chad VanCalster is a businesss development specialist with Sonix Studio, a web development, design, SEO and hosting firm with offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Dallas, Texas. A Computer Science graduate of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Chad started his career consulting for large corporations in the northern Wisconsin region, including Wisconsin Tissue, Georgia Pacific and Schneider National, among others.

Through experiences with marketing within his own company, Chad became a student of Internet Marketing, with a focus on Social Media.  That eventually branched into helping clients with THEIR Social Media Marketing.  Chad is an expert at using social media to expand your credibility and impact in your chosen markets.

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