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You Don't Need To Call In Sick For March Madness Anymore Featured

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March Madness No Longer Means Calling In Sick Thanks To Social Media March Madness No Longer Means Calling In Sick Thanks To Social Media howstuffworks.com

The tip of Butler and Bucknell just occurred but you are in a meeting and really want to know what is happening.  After all, this game has been highly predicted as one of the first upsets in the March Madness NCAA Tournament.  What do you do?

Lucky for you the world has changed and quite dramatically.  More than likely you have a tablet in that meeting and if you don’t then you certainly have a smartphone.  With more than one app available to you following a game is very simple these days.  You can watch play by play via text or even stream the game on your device

These are not new ways but what has truly penetrated March Madness is social media.  If you follow Twitter handles such as @ESPN or @GrantlandLive then you can follow and be a participant at the same time.  You have the ability to be your own Bill Raftery if you so choose.

In January I tweeted live during the Broncos and Ravens thrilling playoff game.  I used specific hashtags and before I knew it I was growing a following.  It was not easy to watch the game and tweet simultaneously but it was enjoyable to get involved with followers in a way that I had not done before.

Social media has opened up the world in which we live and it now allows many a person to be a conduit for information to their friends and followers.  Throw in a few anecdotes and insights and before you know it you are calling this game the way you had wished you could when you were a kid.

Following March Madness doesn’t end there though.  You, like the many millions of others, have filled out a bracket for a pool or maybe 10 brackets for the same pool.  Now you want to know what is going on and don’t have the opportunity to take out your highlighter and follow along.  Lucky for you there are apps like Fanhood Sports on Facebook that will allow you to join a pool and not have to do any work other than watching the game on your iPad or iPhone.

These games are free to play and are offering a rather large winning.  They are doing this to generate interest in their business, of course, and I’m sure they will generate revenue from it but for those of us who are just interested in filling out a bracket and seeing how well we are as prognosticators then we are thankful to have a place to talk to other competitors while we are at work and don’t miss a moment of the March Madness early day games.

As I write this blog I have the Bucknell-Butler game on the TV but I am watching the screen of the Valparaiso-Michigan State going on.  When the games really get going in a few hours I will have my iPad, laptop and TV going and be up to date on all of it thanks to social media.

How are you watching the March Madness games?  Which social media apps are you using?


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