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Tips, Ideas, Thoughts, How-To's......They Are Everywhere!

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Every where you turn these days there is a listing of tips, ideas and how-to’s on social media marketing, dieting, working out and just about everything else.  It can be a maddening world with all this information being thrust at you.  That being said I am going to give you some more and what you are about to read is going to blow your mind.  This is going to be the key to unlock your greatest successes.

Tip:Be Yourself

Idea:Be Yourself

How-To:Wake-Up and live your life

Kind of ground breaking isn’t it?  I know, I know it is too simplistic to work but so are the little plastic things on the end of your shoe laces and that has worked for what seems like forever.

My point is that everybody is trying to keep up with the Jones’ instead of just being the Mr/Ms Jones.  Let’s put this into the context of business where things seem to be a copycat world.  The theory is that if this advertising worked for company A then it must work for company B. Wrong.  What if company B is run by a more conservative leadership team than company A?  I would assume that company B wouldn’t want somebody who displayed an arm full of tattoos to represent them and this is what I see in the business world.

I have had clients and business leaders say to me:  I want to do it the way that XXXXXX is going it.  My first question is why?  Why wouldn’t you want to be yourself and put yourself out there.  This is when the lightbulb starts to burn a bit.  I then follow up with:  If you are not yourself what happens when somebody decides to purchase your product/service and they encounter what would be perceived as a fraud?  Then the lightbulb really goes off.

Social media is in the fabric of our society and it is where business is being done.  Your company cannot be all things to all people so why try?  Be yourself and do what you do best and there will be people that will want to buy.  The others:  Don’t worry about them as you don’t know if they would have purchased from you anyway.

Today when I go to a meeting with a client I wear sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt (maybe a polo) and the reason is that this is who they are buying.  If I walked in there with a suit and tie on I would not be myself and might be projecting the wrong aura for them since they were looking for a company that is cutting edge and not one that is ultra conservative.  I may have lost some business but I have probably gained some too.

My tip of 2013 for you:  Be Yourself.

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Jason Bahamundi

Jason Bahamundi is a marketing specialist with Sonix Studio, a web development, design, SEO and hosting firm with offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Dallas, Texas.  An MBA graduate from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY with a BS in Marketing from SUNY-Oswego Jason started his career in marketing in the television industry creating marketing plans for Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer, Clorox, Kraft and Darden Restaurants to name a few.

Jason is not only a marketing professional, but also an Ironman triathlete, which is to say that he knows no limits.  Being able to be creative on the fly is one of his assests and has benefited him and his clients along the way.

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