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Is Bad Web Design Affecting Your Bottom Line?

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Is Bad Web Design Affecting Your Bottom Line? Back in 1998, when I first started in this industry, web design was very basic. The tools used to create web graphics and the lack of bandwidth was major bottle-necks back then.

Fast forward to today. Graphic design tools have grown in sophistication and many are aimed directly at the web designer. Bandwidth is hardly an issue anymore. Open source projects such as JQuery have really advanced what a web design/programmer can accomplish in a short amount of time.

So why do I still find so many business sites that look like they were designed in 1998?

Here are some of the most common excuses:
• The customer doesn’t really care about the way it looks — they just want information.
• We can’t afford to change it/I don’t see much value in changing it.
• We don’t get that much business from our website anyway.
• It looks good the way it is – my nephew designed it.

The customer doesn’t really care about the way it looks
Not every customer that reaches your site has previously worked with your well-rounded team before. This means they do not know you and can’t distinguish you from the next site they visit. Are first impressions important? Absolutely.

It has been proven statistically that your website visitor will decide in less than 3 seconds whether or not they want to do business with you. If you don’t look like a reputable company to your website visitor, you just lost a customer — and you didn’t even know it!

The fact is: you are losing money with a poorly designed site. This may be due to difficulty in navigating the site, clutter that keeps the eye from focusing on your valuable content, lack of connection or credibility with your visitor, unattractive display of your products or services… or other challenges that negate prospective customer interest.

It’s time to analyze your return on investment and understand that your website is just that — an investment in your business future. After all, you’ve put so much time and money into your products or services – shouldn’t your website reflect your expertise and dedication to your craft?

We can’t afford to change it
You get what you pay for. When you go to an expensive restaurant, you expect great service, presentation, and taste. Likewise, when you go to a fast food joint, you expect the food to be cheap and quick. What does your website say about your business? Can you afford to keep projecting that message?

We don’t get that much business from our website anyway
Thanks to the rise of the internet, your website is now the backbone of your marketing campaign.

Customers are searching online for products and services. The companies that do not have a website at all are missing out on 100% of those opportunities. The companies with an old-fashioned site or a site that is poorly designed, may be missing out on at least half or more of those opportunities.

It looks good the way it is – my nephew designed it
This is my personal favorite. I can guarantee your nephew (unless he’s a web designer by trade) does not have the training and skills to produce a website capable of taking your business to the next level.

Here at Sonix Studio, we employ/contract people who are masters of many skill sets. We take pride in providing Graphic Designers, HTML/CSS developers, JavaScript developers, and database programmers. Working together, they make sure your site will produce the results you’re looking for while keeping you at the forefront of today’s most advantageous technology.

I like to think of building a website as similar to a car assembly plant or building a house. Could one person build your car or house? Sure. But how can one individual keep up with all the newest advances in every category? It would be nearly impossible. Car manufacturers narrow down the expertise to several people. As specialists, each of them focuses on a specific area of your car. Website building is becoming that type of industry. Technology is advancing far too quickly for one person to keep up with it all.

The bottom line: the outcome is all about your bottom line. Would you rather pay your nephew $500 for minimal results, or a professional company geared up to return 2-3 times your investment in a year or two? I guarantee there is only one winner when you choose your nephew -your nephew!

Maybe it is time to re-evaluate your website. Talk to a professional.

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Chad VanCalster

Chad VanCalster is a businesss development specialist with Sonix Studio, a web development, design, SEO and hosting firm with offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Dallas, Texas. A Computer Science graduate of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Chad started his career consulting for large corporations in the northern Wisconsin region, including Wisconsin Tissue, Georgia Pacific and Schneider National, among others.

Through experiences with marketing within his own company, Chad became a student of Internet Marketing, with a focus on Social Media.  That eventually branched into helping clients with THEIR Social Media Marketing.  Chad is an expert at using social media to expand your credibility and impact in your chosen markets.

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