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Social Media Marketing Review: Walls Gone Wild, LLC

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Keeping up with our weekly review of small businesses and their use of social media marketing we will be reviewing Walls Gone Wild, LLC and their use of Facebook in helping to promote their business.  As a reminder about our reviews, we are not looking at the marketing of the business across all of their social media platforms but instead looking at one and highlighting areas that could use improvement and areas in which the business is doing a great job.

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Walls Gone Wild, LLC is an interior home decor business in Green Bay, Wisconsin that provises creative painting services, decorative graphics, murals and innovative surface products for residential, commercial and institutional spaces.  This is a competitive business, plus the idea that home owners feel they can do the work on their own and it is imperative that a business like Walls Gone Wild market themselves perfectly so that they get the call instead of the home owner getting in their car and going to a big box to buy the equipment.

When you first get to the Walls Gone Wild Facebook page you are hit with a picture of a couch in front of the beach.  From the initial cover photo you have no real idea as to what the business does.  When we first got there we thought we were on the wrong page because we thought we were reviewing an interior decor business and we saw a picture of the outdoors.  Further investigation shows that the couch is sort of a logo for them and the idea of a blank slate.  In our opionion utilizing the cover photo space with text would be better than the picture of the outside.  Leave the slate blank, as the idea to penetrate the followers sub-conscious, and put text on there that describes what you do along with contact information.

Further research at the cover photo and you notice two other items right away.  The first is the listing of what they do, their address, and phone number.  Unfortunately what is missing is a link to their website.  In today's world of window shopping potential customers want to be spoon fed and that means posting your URL in a place that is readily available and will take them to your site to make a decision on purchasing.  What we also noticed was a lack of apps on their Facebook page.  There is no way to know if they are on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.  With a business that is defined by how well the room or office looks pictures will sell but not having the ability to find them on Pinterest or Instagram makes that difficult.

Walls Cover

When you scroll down the page you will quickly notice the lack of consistency in their posts.  The last post that we saw was August 30th.  As of this writing (September 6th) a week has passed without a post.  This is detrimental in two ways.  First, Walls Gone Wild, LLC is not top of mind for potential clients because they are not showing up on the users page.  If you think about McDonald's, Nike and Home Depot you remember them because every time you turn on the TV you are seeing their commercials multiple times.  There is a reason for it.  They are trying to become a fixture in your mind when you need to make a purchase that their product services.  Secondly, by not posting consistently there is a loss of ranking in terms of actually showing up on those Fans pages.  If you are not showing up them people cannot share your content.

Walls Consistent Posting

There were a couple of areas that we saw that we really liked.  What is it that people want to see when they are thinking about upgrading their interior decor?  The finished product.  While having a finished product picture is terrific being able to show where it started does even more for the finished picture.  This comparison showcases the talent of the people at Walls Gone Wild.  More of these comparison albums will show visitors what the company is capable of as well as spark an idea into another project that they would want to do but haven't figured out how to do it.

Walls Compare


Walls Pipes


There are some good and some bad with regards to the Facebook page of Walls Gone Wild but who wants to be good?  We would want Walls Gone Wild and their Facebook page to be great.  Here are 3 Tips for how we would approach the social media marketing of the Walls Gone Wild Facebook Page:

  1. Consistent posting (on a daily basis) that is more than just product sales. We would highlight how updating rooms (painting or decorating) can increase the value of your home.  With that we would post about home sales in the Green Bay market.
  2. Create photo albums.  These photo albums would have before and after pictures of the work that was done.  Also, included with the pictures would be testimonials from the clients to highlight their happiness with the work and how clean and fast the company was while doing the interior decorating.
  3. Lastly, we would start a photo contest using a hashtag that could then be used on other social media platforms.  With users uploading their own photos the business in creating content without having to do it all on their own.  This is a double win as the company can do what they do best (interior decorating) while also marketing.


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