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Social Marketing Review: AMRITA Bars

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Social Marketing Review: AMRITA Bars AMRITA Bars

It's that time of the week again.  That time when we do a review of a specific social media marketing platform for a chosen at random small company.  We believe that just because a company is small means that their social media marketing has to be 'small' as well.  In today's world of marketing and advertising, social media has leveled the playing field.  Companies like Coke and IBM cannot create more time in the day nor can they create a public interest in a specific product.  Today's social media marketing allows even the smallest of companies to have a large presence.  With that in mind we take a look at a particular company on a weekly basis to see what they are doing well and bring that to light so that other small companies can copy that idea. We also point out areas where we think an improvement can be made so that the company we are reviewing can make a change but also for those companies reading this blog post so that they can avoid that same mistake.

We also want to point out that if you gave a social media marketing campaign to 10 different companies/people you would get 10 different opinions and the opinions expressed here are just ours from a surface point of view.  We do not have access to these companies metrics so what we may see as an issue could turn out to be a bell cow for the company.

This week we have chose to review the Twitter platform of AMRITA Bars.  If you don't know who or what AMRITA Bars are you have no need to worry because in their Twitter profile you have not only exactly who they are, you have a clickable link to their site as well as an address as to where they are based.  When you are looking for a complete Twitter profile you cannot get any better than the AMRITA profile.  Their profile is keyword dense which means it can be easily found in a Twitter search.  Once the keywords grab your attention you can go right to the sight to dig a bit further.  One thing that we would improve upon is customizing the background with either their logo or pictures from their website along with additional contact information such as an email address and phone number.

Cover Page-AMRITA


While going through the account we noticed one item that truly stood out and what makes social media marketing work.  That is the fact that AMRITA Bars is engaging and conversational.  They interact with their followers and participate in Twitter chats.  This lends to exposure for them through getting to 'meet' knew twitter accounts but also getting their account shared when a tweet during the chat is re-tweeted.  This can be a boom for a small company.  The more involved in chats and meetups they can be the more exposure they are creating for their brand and products.

Engaging In Conversation With Followers

Conversation - AMRITA Bars


Participating in #RunChat

Twitter Conversation - AMRITA Bars


AMRITA Bars is also using the most engaging content that can be found in social media marketing.  That content is images.  People interact more with images than any other type of content on the web.  What you will see with AMRITA Bars pictures is that they are simple.  One look and you know what you are looking at.  In one of the pictures they also go one step further in the process of engagement and that is with a poll.  Giving the 'power' to your followers to vote on a flavor or color is very impactful to your followers and AMRITA does it right with the vote on black or white swim caps.

One place that we would like to see AMRITA bars particpate in is in posting links to blog posts of theirs as well as articles that revolve around their products.  There is plenty of content regarding gluten-free diets and plant-based diets.  More and more people are going vegetarian or vegan and are wondering about protein and how much is necessary, etc so blog posts written by them or others that they highlight allows them to be viewed as the expert in the industry.

From their Twitter feed, AMRITA can take their content to their other platforms and vice versa.

Terrific job AMRITA.  Keep up the good work and hopefully the few ideas we pointed out will be addressed by you and bring you those engaged followers and thus sales of your bars.

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Jason is not only a marketing professional, but also an Ironman triathlete, which is to say that he knows no limits.  Being able to be creative on the fly is one of his assests and has benefited him and his clients along the way.

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