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Social Marketing Review: Om Nom Nom Cookies On Facebook

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Social Marketing Review: Om Nom Nom Cookies On Facebook OmNomNom.com

Every week we are going to review one portion of a social media marketing component from a randomly picked company.  Last week we reviewed the Instagram portion of the creator of Quest Nutrition and what we thought were excellent ideas and a few simple changes that could enhance the platform for them.  This week we are going to take a look at the Facebook page of the cookie company Om Nom Nom, which is based in Miami, Florida.

I came across the company through Twitter and when we decided to take a peek at the social media marketing of small to medium sized companies Om Nom Nom just happened to come across my Twitter feed so it was selected as the company to review this week.

The first thing you see when you come to their page is their cover photo.  This is a great cover photo as you know immediately what they are selling and that is cookies.  You also see their brand logo which is terrific along with a link to their site and where they are located.  You know they have pictures of their delicious cookies and that is key for a company operating in the food vertical.  They also participate in events and have an app with MyList.  These are all a great start but a few key changes we would make would be to take place some text on the cover photo to help identify the company.  Facebook recently removed the 'rule' of only 20% Text but we would still practice caution here and only go with a few lines of text so as not to distract from the product shot.  Putting a slogan or a few keywords that separate their cookies from another companies cookies would help the picture stand out and help in generating leads/customers for their cookies.  Another change we would make is to create the custom Facebook page URL.  This is a quick and simple step to helping fans find your page.

OMM-FB Cover


As you go through the page you notice a couple of things and some are great and some could use a bit of help but not much.

The first post we come across is again a picture of delicious food.  It is a picture that immediately attracts you to it and invites you to click.  Once you click you see a link to a URL that is actually a recipe on their blog.  This is a terrific use of a well placed URL to get a customer to get to their website and potentially order.  In addition to that you see that the company has responded to a question.  Social media is about engagement and in this instance they succeeded in posting a response to a question. The one way to improve would be to answer this question a bit faster. As you can see from the timeline the picture was posted 23 hours ago and the question came in 23 hours ago but the response took a day and that may have cost a potential online sale. One other way to improve would have been to tag the questioner so that they received the response and would have been notified.



As you continue to go through the page you notice that the posts to the account are not consistent.  In today's fast moving world companies need to be top of mind to generate consistent revenue.  One way to do this is to post on a consistent and regualr basis.  Each post should not be about the company but instead dive into the world of vegan diets as this is a vegan cookie company.  They can talk about vegan diets, possibley gluten-free diets if they provide that.  Post pictures of kids eating one of their cookies with a glass of milk.  Come Christmas time a picture of cookies and milk set out with Santa would be a great idea especially if their logo is visible somewhere.  When it comes to social media marketing it is not about the company but about the target market and so creating/generating content that speaks to their target market and posting it consistently is key.  What we really like is that the posts that are here are from customers.  Nothing is better than peer review for helping to sell a product.

OMM-Consistent Posting


A little bit further down the page you come across a great post that will resonate with a lot of people. They took the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On and used it to their benefit.  This type of picture will elicit a response whether in the form of a like or a share but either way it will generate engagement because people can identify the saying along with recognizing the company.  You will notice that this picture generated 6 likes while the posts above have a total of 1 reaction from their fans combined.  These types of posts are ideal.


Overall the cookie company Om Nom Nom is doing well and with a few tweaks here and there this fan page could be a component of their marketing mix.

What Do You Think Of The Om Nom Nom Facebook Fan Page?


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