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Sonix Studio's FREE CSV Builder App for HootSuite/PostCron

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Do you love HootSuite’s bulk uploader as much as I do? Do you find it a painstaking process to enter in all the dates and times into the CSV file before uploading? That’s why we created the CSV builder. It saves the time to create the schedule. Plus it’s free and easy to use. 

The key to a good schedule is not to post at the same time every day, otherwise it looks like you are automating your posts.  Plus, you'll want to hit different audiences at different times of the day.  This app will randomly create a schedule for you to post at different times of the day, based onthe parameters you decide.




First, go to the CSV Builder page here.


Here's How it works!


Step 1

Choose your system. Most likely it’s HootSuite, but we can also created a PostCron CSV for you PostCron users out there.


Then, pick a date for your campaign to start.


Select a range for the times of day you want your posts to run.


Choose how many posts you want to run in that time period.


Enter your posts. We also give you an option to bulk load your posts without a date attached to the post. An example file with the format is provided. This option allows you to attach a link with your post for HootSuite to shrink.


If you’d like us to randomize an order for your posts, select that option.


Click “Submit”. 8



Step 2

Review your list. Also note that you have an option to upload photos here for your posts. This will upload the photo plus create a link for HootSuite to load.   An option HootSuite doesn’t give us with their bulk uploader.


At the top of the page, click “Create my CSV”.



Step 3

Download your CSV file for HootSuite. Your schedule with be magically entered for you already. Enjoy. And don’t forget to like us if you enjoyed using our app!



Viola!  The dates are filled in for you.  Ready to be uploaded to HootSuite!


The CSV Builder page is here.



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