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Are We Making Social Media Marketing Too Complicated?

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Are We Making Social Media Marketing Too Complicated? UpCity.com

Social Media marketing is getting a lot of press lately, even if it is only from those running social media marketing campaigns or companies.  If you open the world wide web and go to a news website and click on the technology tab you are sure to find an article or 10 written about how to leverage social media to promote your business and sell your widgets.  It is everywhere from which platforms are best, to which times are optimal, to how to use hashtags and headlines. Honestly you cannot miss these attention grabbing headlines because if you do your company is doomed to fail or at least that is what the article says.

I am a partner in a digital marketing agency.  We run social media campaigns for small to medium sized businesses as well as build websites for them.  We operate under the tagline: If you build it, and promote it they will come.  Nothing in there says promote it at 2-4p and use 71 characters in your tweets and they will come.  Just promote it. 

This is no different than a mantra that would be used prior to social media marketing.  If you were using the Yellow Pages or going to networking events you had to promote your business to be part of the consumers conscious.

While out on a run today (I run when I have writer's block and this past week I have amassed the miles) I started thinking about my tour of Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I saw plenty of triathlon and nutriton articles (I am a 3x Ironman) along with my requisite amount of social media marketing articles.  The healthy living articles gave me great insight into how I live my life and that is according to my own rules.  I have a 'diet' that is plant-based and I have done my research and found out what foods work for me and which don't.  The social media marketing articles on the other hand had my head in a cloud and part of it was that each one was a how-to.  How-to market your business on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter and the names go on and on.

Here is the thing about all of these articles.  They all assumed that your company is just like any other company and unfortunately they aren't.  Like a fingerprint each company is different and run by a different personality.  For example, if you were an accountant or an attorney the idea of using Instagram doesn't make much sense but read an article about marketing on Instagram and you would think that pictures of excel spreadsheets or a courtroom would be a big seller in driving traffic to your site.  I'm sorry but I just don't think that makes much sense. If you are an attorney or an accountant I would suggest leveraging LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities along with establishing your brand on Facebook and Twitter.

If you run a restaurant or are a real estate agent then getting your business on Instagram and Vine makes much more sense and is a place to leverage the power that makes up those businesses.  People love looking at pictures of food or how-tos on designing a new bathroom.  Yes you can still get involved in LinkedIn groups and G+ communities and I highly encourage it but no matter what you do make sure you do it with your own voice.  Your voice is your personality.  Your personality is your business.  People are buying you and if you turn out to be a different person on your social media platforms than you are in person people will realize it and sure enough turn to those same platforms and tell everybody they know that you are a fraud.  This is not something you want to go viral.

The take-away from this blog post is:

  1. Be yourself on social media because those that want your product will still want it and those that don't want your product never will.
  2. Take all of the social media how-to blog posts and articles you read with a grain of salt because if it doesn't match your business it probably will not work.
  3. Before you launch a campaign check out what your competitors are doing and repeat what is successful regardless of what that social media marketing blog post says to do.

There is more than one way to skin a cat and social media marketing is proving that cliche to be more and more true on a daily basis.

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Jason Bahamundi

Jason Bahamundi is a marketing specialist with Sonix Studio, a web development, design, SEO and hosting firm with offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Dallas, Texas.  An MBA graduate from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY with a BS in Marketing from SUNY-Oswego Jason started his career in marketing in the television industry creating marketing plans for Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer, Clorox, Kraft and Darden Restaurants to name a few.

Jason is not only a marketing professional, but also an Ironman triathlete, which is to say that he knows no limits.  Being able to be creative on the fly is one of his assests and has benefited him and his clients along the way.

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