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Social Marketing Done Right: Quest Nutrition And Chobani Featured

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I work in the social marketing game so I spend hours upon hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and LinkedIn.  I am always looking for ways to learn how I can service my clients better.  The lessons can come in the form of reading about how social marketing is being done wrong and the examples provided.  Or they can come in first hand experience and I recently had two experiences that give me hope about how social marketing is being done right and how while still evolving is getting better.


I write a triathlon blog called Cook Train Eat Race and I have the brand on many social networks. I provide content regarding living a plant based lifestyle while racing endurance events.  As you can imagine the majority of the people I follow and my followers fall into two camps:


  • Those looking to get healthy through food and exercise.
  • Those just starting their journey into the world of triathlon and looking for advice/tips.


What does this have to do with social marketing?  It has everything to do with social marketing and here are two examples of companies doing it right:


Quest Nutritionimages-5

During my journey through Instagram I came across a company called Quest Nutrition.  There are a seemingly endless string of pictures of their product on Instagram in one form or another.  People are chopping them up and putting them on yogurt.  Others microwave them for a few moments and create cookies.  It was incredible what their customers were doing and not only that but being a marketing vehicle for them as well.  These pictures were everywhere and they led me to write a blog post regarding the 6 pictures on Instagram that always make me laugh.


On that same day a picture came across my Twitter timeline with a picture of a quest bar and I replied to them and any other handles on the tweet that it was incredible that I just wrote about this and now here is a picture.....from Hawaii no less.  I failed to realize that Quest Nutrition was tagged in the tweet and before I know it I was being contacted by them.


After a couple of exchanged direct messages I was told that I was going to get a shipment of bars.  By the way, this conversation occurred over the weekend.  I received my shipment and almost on queue I received a direct message asking me if I had received them.  I still have not tested them out but maybe one day I’ll be posting pics of their bars in my Instagram feed.



I am sure you have heard of Chobani as they are running commercials on TV and are one of the more popular yogurts in the country.  Couple in the fact that Greek Yogurt has become the darling of yogurts and Chobani is in a great position to drive up their market share, but it isn’t like they stopped paying attention to their customers as they grow.


Chobani is another company that has loyal followers.  Again, take a trip through Instagram or Twitter and you will see picture after picture of their product being used and again in all various forms.  Yes, some are just eating it out of the cup but others are also putting it on top of salads or in their smoothies (another thing on Instagram that makes me laugh.)  Try as you might you cannot avoid it.


As luck would happen I was on HootSuite reading the tweets in my timeline and one came across from a friend that included Chobani in it, this time I noticed and it was regarding breakfast and pants.  I had to chime in and here is what unfolded:


From here I exchanged tweets with Chobani and before I knew it I was getting an email from them.  I come to find out that the email is from a person who grew up in the Buffalo area and I went to college in upstate New York as well.  An instant connection and invites to go to the Chobani Cafe the next time I visit NY (live in Dallas but New York is where I grew up.


In this email exchange I was told that I would be contacted by a person who would get my address and that a shipment of Chobani yogurt would be delivered to my house.


Think about what these two interaction mean for both companies.  I was not looking for a connection or products but one was developed.  I am being provided with some samples which are part of their marketing budget and may turn into an ambassador for their products and all started by simply engaging in conversation.


When social marketing is done right it looks like what Quest Nutrition and Chobani did. They engaged a person in their target market and made them feel special with direct messages, emails and tweets.  They followed-up and made sure that all was right with the interaction.  Taking a few moments to interact and solidify a relationship is all it took to market their brand to hundreds and thousands of people.  What company wouldn’t want that?


Now maybe I will put the Quest Nutrition bar into a cup of Chobani yogurt and post a pic to Instagram.

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Jason Bahamundi

Jason Bahamundi is a marketing specialist with Sonix Studio, a web development, design, SEO and hosting firm with offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Dallas, Texas.  An MBA graduate from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY with a BS in Marketing from SUNY-Oswego Jason started his career in marketing in the television industry creating marketing plans for Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer, Clorox, Kraft and Darden Restaurants to name a few.

Jason is not only a marketing professional, but also an Ironman triathlete, which is to say that he knows no limits.  Being able to be creative on the fly is one of his assests and has benefited him and his clients along the way.

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