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Sports And Social Media: The Game Has Changed

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Sports is often considered a microcosm for America and with the penetration of social media into both America and sports we get a closer look than we could have ever imagined.  Today, teams and athletes as well as fans have accounts that they turn to while watching a game and conduct play by play calls as well as becoming officials in the sport.


Spring has sprung and the world of sports is at its apex as March Madness has recently ended, Major League Baseball is just starting up, The Masters just concluded while the NBA Playoffs Tip-Off and the NFL draft is around the corner.  If you are a sports fan then you are in a little bit of heaven and that if you have a social media account there is a good chance that you are talking about or have the ability to talk about your favorite sport all day.


This ability to interact with players and teams is unheard of.  Fans have the ability to affect the way a team acts.  Not necessarily in making trades or signing free agents but certainly in the way of letting fans a closer look into the inner workings of the franchise.  For example, the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League completed a trade of Darrelle Revis and it seemed the news first broke via the Bucs twitter feed.  Pictures of Mr Revis signing his 6 year and $96 million contract was also posted to their feed.  This is a great way to get the fans excited about what the team is doing just days prior to the draft.


Social media and sports can also help bring news to the forefront that is not so happy.  Last Monday at 2:50pm EST there was a tragedy that took place at the Boston Marathon.  Two bombs were set off at a time of the marathon where the most deadly impact could be done and sure enough the news was all over Twitter and Facebook.  As an endurance athlete I follow and interact with other endurance sport athletes.  Within moments of the bombings my feed on both Twitter and Facebook was filled with the news.  Within the days that followed there were lots of gestures and hashtags regarding the Boston Marathon and it was a way that social media interjected itself into the world of sports.


Social media is here to stay and is a way to get news out quickly and efficiently.  If you watch a sporting event on television these days you will see a hashtag for the game.  Follow that hashtag while you are away from the TV set and it is as if you are at the stadium with discussions and notifications of what is taking place at the arena which could be half-way around the world from your current location.


No longer is it a big deal to have to attend a wedding or a child’s birthday party since the chances are high that you have a smartphone that has your social media networks connected to it.  Follow a hashtag, or get text messages notifying you of unfolding events.  The world of sports has been whittled down even more than it had been in the past but this is all a good thing as Twitter or Facebook will never replace the smell of the grass or the energy of the fans at the stadium.


What it does do is provide you the opportunity to turn yourself into Vin Scully, Phil Jackson and Theo Epstein all in a matter of moments.

Jason Bahamundi

Jason Bahamundi is a marketing specialist with Sonix Studio, a web development, design, SEO and hosting firm with offices in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Dallas, Texas.  An MBA graduate from Iona College in New Rochelle, NY with a BS in Marketing from SUNY-Oswego Jason started his career in marketing in the television industry creating marketing plans for Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer, Clorox, Kraft and Darden Restaurants to name a few.

Jason is not only a marketing professional, but also an Ironman triathlete, which is to say that he knows no limits.  Being able to be creative on the fly is one of his assests and has benefited him and his clients along the way.

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